Why is China's machinery manufacturing industry so weak?

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Why is China's machinery manufacturing industry so weak?

The machinery manufacturing industry is the traditional industry of our country and the foundation and pillar of the economy. But China's machinery manufacturing industry compared with abroad is still very backward why, in recent years has become very difficult. Many college graduates do not want to engage in this work, which is why?
High-end product production difficulties
First, the machinery manufacturing industry to enter the threshold is low, but do hard to do fine. China's machinery manufacturing enterprises everywhere, hundreds of thousands of large and small. Understand the technology, buy a few sets of equipment can be business, so the technical level uneven. To make outstanding in the machinery manufacturing industry, enterprises have to invest in high-end equipment, two technical strength to be strong, technical personnel not more than ten years of temper can not really become an expert. In addition, too many manufacturers, resulting in price competition, profit is generally not high.
Small business and more competitive
Second, the machinery manufacturing industry workers income is not high. Product profits are not high, the salary is difficult to improve, so many companies can not retain high-end technical personnel.
Workers' wages are not high
Third, the product production cycle is long, poor working environment. From the customer inquiry to the beginning, analysis of drawings, study the feasibility of production, make recommendations to change the drawings, and then offer. Most quotes are not traded, customers will shop around, or even more than one. Only the profit down, the customer will discuss with you further products. The price is right, the customer will be field trip, not satisfied with the PASS. Factory conditions approved, and then sign open mold agreement, proofing, sample confirmation. And then a small batch of single test, the final formal mass production. This process is relatively long, normal months. Large orders for large customers or even a year or two to enter mass production. Workshop workers working environment is not good, the machine exhort, and some casting products to heat melting, high temperature operation. Some production equipment also pay attention to safety, production accidents often occur.
Poor working environment
Four, effective slow, payment has account period. Machinery manufacturing industry is also inevitable to enter the triangular debt, you do not give customers owed, and some factories in order to survive concessions, business was taken away. So the basic business are the default account payment, 30 days, 60 days, 180 days have a settlement. The amount of large list of customers will accept the payment, but also reduce the profits of enterprises. The profit is not high, the enterprise bear the risk of high payment, resulting in machinery manufacturing difficult.
Triangular debt
Fifth, machinery manufacturers have to face the uncertainty of raw material prices, the rising wages of workers, all kinds of taxes, utilities spending. Now environmental protection has to cross the border, so we must continue to invest funds and equipment to solve these problems.
Business burden
The current economic downturn in the environment, the machinery manufacturing industry can be said to be very difficult. On the one hand orders difficult, do not order the normal operation. On the other hand the production is difficult, then the order to earn money, no way to increase equipment, improve the process, improve technology. China's machinery manufacturing industry to go from here? How can we develop it?



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